Ghost Legal's innovative subscription packages are client-focused plans that prioritize the projects, not the payments.  Subscription packages help eliminate unpredictable bills and remove barriers to project-based, freelance collaborations.  With multiple tiered options for monthly subscriptions as well as single case litigation packages, Ghost Legal's subscription packages make it easier for solo and small to mid-sized firm practitioners to get the practice help they need without giving up profits, quality, time or office space.  Each subscription package offers reasonable and straight-forward pricing with no hidden costs and every subscription features:

  • No LexisNexis/Westlaw research charges

  • No project consultation charges

  • No charges for case review in preparation for projects

  • Dedicated private Slack channel for hiring attorney with unlimited communication directly with Ghost Legal

  • Priority access to Ghost Legal services

  • Discounts on additional services outside subscription package

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No gotchas and no surprises - just good legal work.)