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Your Firm’s Legal Research & Writing Solution

For over a fifteen years, Jami M. Kohn has proven to be a skilled, creative, innovative attorney with a record of success in a broad range of civil litigation cases. Ms. Kohn founded the Law Offices of Jami M. Kohn to continue her work providing services as a legal research and writing resource to small and mid-size law firms on a project-to-project basis. Ms. Kohn delivers quality work on a deadline to earn your trust and continued business. This is her top priority.

The benefits to hiring Ms. Kohn include:

  • Flexibility and decrease in workload. When Ms. Kohn takes the research and writing tasks off your to-do list, this gives you more flexibility to attend depositions, hearings, mediation and to meet the other challenges of your day.
  • Cost-effective services. When you hire Ms. Kohn, you still make a profit. You are only charged Ms. Kohn’s hourly rate and the difference between this fee and what you bill is your profit — a win-win. Client receives great service and so do you. There are no hidden charges for research fees, copies or faxes. You do not increase overhead or supply expenses.
  • Growth. With Ms. Kohn working for you, you can serve more clients or bring in new business. Ms. Kohn’s services buy you time to determine if and when you need more full-time staff.
  • An ethical option. All states allow freelance lawyering. This enables Ms. Kohn to offer her research and writing services to law firms in Georgia and nationwide.


“I have known Jami for more than a dozen years.  She is the best legal researcher I have ever known.  She also provides outstanding written work, whether it is an appellate brief or a Motion or Response filed in the trial court.  Jami’s work product is always timely, thorough and well-written.  Jami has proven to be an invaluable resource.” – Adam M. Gleklen, The Gleklen Law Firm, Atlanta, GA

“Jami has provided research and writing support for me for several years. She has always provided the highest level of research and writing skills and has done so in a timely and cost effective manner.” – John P. Wilson, III, Levine, Smith, Snider & Wilson, LLC, Atlanta, GA

“I use Why Hire an Associate/Jami Kohn for two main reasons: 1) I do not have the time generally to spend hours articulating and framing the questions and issues. If I did, I would probably be writing the solution. 2) Not only does she grasp the issues and questions quickly from raw and/or summary material, Jami delivers accurate, supported analytical responses. I could not ask or hope for more.” – Mark V. Spix, Mark V. Spix, P.C., Atlanta, GA

“I cannot say enough nice things about Jami Kohn or her work. I have been in practice for 22 years. I was a partner at Weinstock & Scavo for 14 years. I worked with Jami and supervised some of her work at W&S. It was top notch. Later, when I started Cohan Law Group (CLG), Jami was able to help us by researching and writing briefs on complex business litigation issues. No one is easier to work with or turns out a better product. We are a little more than 2 years into our practice and we have grown to 4 attorneys with nearly 70 years of experience between us. I still call on Jami when we need some extra help.” – Louis R. Cohan, Cohan Law Group, LLC, Atlanta, GA

“Jami did an amazing job on an appeal from a very complicated case where the issues ranged from family law to corporate law and some very odd civil procedure rulings. With Jami’s help in the appeal, our client was completely vindicated and the case closed to his complete satisfaction. Also Jami was able to handle the entire appeal at a very reasonable and economical price to our firm and the client. We will always use Jami in any future appeals!” – Justin Wyatt, Justin Wyatt, P.C., Marietta, GA

“I clearly understand the argument and love the brief. It is something that is clear that I can easily argue. … I truly appreciate your excellent work product!!!! Makes my solo practice become as competitive as the large corporate level law firms.” – Adrian L. PatrickLaw Offices of Adrian L. Patrick, Snellville, GA


For research and writing services in Georgia and nationwide

Jami M. Kohn is your trusted research and writing resource.  Engage her services today by contacting the Law Offices of Jami M. Kohn.


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